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Our family company has specialised in machine embroidery since it was founded in 1905.


The company is based in Villers Outréaux in the north of France (200 km from Paris), in what has been France's textile heartland for centuries. Machine embroidery is also a permanent fixture in the landscape of this village, where the first "arm" looms were installed in 1888.


In 1905, the first generation of our family became involved in the embroidery business, under our great-great-grandfather Edouard Leveaux.

The DESSENNE-LENOIR company was founded in 1980 when the business was taken over by Christian Dessenne and his wife Marie-Christine, née Lenoir. 


The "current" management is led by the youngest generation, their son Mathieu Dessenne, who joined the family business in 1998. Every day he brings his dynamic, modern and creative vision to bear on his products, as well as his rigorous expectations. 


The company has continued to grow ever since, beginning with the construction of new buildings and a finishing workshop capable of meeting demand and in order to guarantee impeccable quality. Today, the company is still looking to expand and is seeking to introduce/offer its exceptional French skills and knowledge to the world.


We have been experts in embroidery since 1905 and, as a result, can guarantee in-depth knowledge of the products, rapid response times thanks to our 8.00 am to 7.00 pm business hours and the ability to adapt production schedules at short notice. 

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