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The company and its partners own a fleet of Saurer and Lasser looms, which offers several advantages:


  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities.

  • High productivity, achieved by combining traditional and cutting-edge industries.

  • The ability to work alongside the expertise of fabric repairers.

  • Highly competitive prices as a result.

We have a large and efficient production capacity thanks to the different specialist departments.

Our core business is furnishings: macramé curtains, embroidered organza, embroidered panels, pre-fitted fabrics, tablecloths, etc.  

However, we also have expertise in off-the-peg items and lingerie: guipure, embroidered tulle, etc.
Our looms measure 15 - 20 metres in length and we can produce small quantities of samples on our 1.5 m sampling loom.

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